Thursday, October 11, 2018

Impossible Bugs

Many bugs are confusing. Others are are annoying. Some are just impossible. This is a list of those bugs:
  1. MRI disabled every iOS device in facility
  2. We can't send mail more than 500 miles
  3. can't print on Tuesday (see comment 28)
  4. I can't log in when I stand up. (and another similar story)
  5. A story about "magic"
  6. Print this file, your printer will jam
  7. gcj crashes in April and December, but only if you speak German in Austria
  8. Processor 5 doesn't work if you're standing too close
  9. A car that is allergic to vanilla ice cream
  10. Some employees change the monitor's resolution without touching it.
I'm sure there are more. Let me know!
Updated 2019-01-22: added additional bug

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