Thursday, December 2, 2010

Google translate proxy no longer available

One old trick to bypass simple domain based filters was to use Google translate on the domain and go from English to English (or the native language to the native language - whatever it might be).

I recently came across a link that happen to be using Google translate in that way a (I'm not sure why) and I got an error from Google

"Translation from English into English is not supported."

When I tried with other languages I got similar errors. Translating to other languages works as usual.

Luckily this trick is not really needed as there are thousands of available proxies or one could just make their own.

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  1. Instead, just tell Google directly that the page you want is in Spanish, or some other widely used language, and then set English or the native language as the destination language. In that case, Google does no detection of whether the page is already in that language and happily translates the page. In the case of, it seems to work just fine. I tried with Spanish to English.


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